Course Details


Cafe Room, United Reformed Church, Stainbeck Road/Stainbeck Lane, Meanwood, LS7 2PP.

Each course is two hours per week and runs for ten weeks, at a cost of eighty pounds per ten week block. There will be three ten week blocks per year (and I am now able to accept payment for classes by Credit/Debit card from the beginning of October).

Days and Times 

Tuesday :- morning – 9.30am. until 11.30am and afternoon 12.30pm until 2.30pm. Wednesday :- morning – 9.30am. until 11.30am and afternoon 12.30pm until 2.30pm.

Previous knowledge/skills/experience 

No qualifications are required, only a desire to learn and progress. Some experience and knowledge of drawing and painting is useful but not essential.

What you will learn 

You will work on improving observation skills and your drawing and painting, expanding your knowledge of line, tone, texture, proportion, composition, design and colour. You will probably be using a variety of materials including pencil, charcoal, pastel, drawing ink, watercolour, acrylic, oil pastel and maybe oils. You will be encouraged to make discoveries through experimenting with media and techniques. Other artists will be looked at as appropriate and discussed, and styles of painting explored. All levels of ability are taught together, and you will be allowed to develop your skills in your own time and without pressure in a non-competitive atmosphere, but with lots of support. There is no formal assessment. Work is visually and verbally assessed at every session, with encouragement and constructive comment.

What you will need 

You will need to provide your own materials e.g. Paints, palettes, brushes, painting paper etc. I do have some materials for you to try out before buying your own, and I will be able to provide A2 drawing boards and good quality drawing paper for use in the class if needed.

Other information 

The course will be run in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, with encouragement given at all stages of development, and we plan the programme together. The confidence of the learner is of prime importance, so all feedback will be of a positive and constructive nature. There will be no compulsory written work, Hurray! but you may like to keep a resource/notebook/file, or make notes in your sketchbooks etc. as a memory aid and to underpin your knowledge.